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Tour the indie coffee scene from your kitchen …

For over half a decade we’ve championed the UK and Ireland’s independent speciality coffee roasteries via our Independent Coffee Guide series of books.

The team has toured the UK on the trail of the most exceptional coffee and worked closely with the speciality coffee scene’s industry pros in order to introduce our readers to the most unmissable speciality coffee shops and roasteries.

So we know a thing or two about what makes a damn fine coffee. And that’s why we’ve just launched Indy Coffee Box.

All about the quality

It’s a coffee subscription service like no other, because we only curate speciality coffee beans from indie roasteries that are good enough to get into the Indy Coffee Guides (that is, the best artisan roasteries across the UK and Ireland).

And because the beans are sourced from top-quality roasteries across the entire geographical region, each month we take our subscribers on the equivalent of a coffee road trip as we introduce them to new and exciting coffees.

indy coffee box

Get your mitts on the special stuff

We source the good stuff that is really difficult for regular coffee fans to get their hands on; the sort of beans that usually only baristas get a sniff at. That’s because we work directly with our roaster chums who roast specifically for our subscribers.

A monthly curation of beans from the UK and Ireland’s best roasters, Indy Coffee Box allows coffee lovers to explore the exciting roasting scene from the comfort of their kitchen.

Freshness is king

Unlike other subscriptions, we only deal in whole beans that have been roasted no more than a few days previously to ensure that every cup is lip-smackingly fresh. That’s because the coffee starts to lose its flavours the moment it is ground. Need a grinder? We can help with that too.

We don’t rebag the beans either – it’s not good for the coffee or the planet.

Imagine …

Each month, the eye-catching Indy Coffee Boxes are delivered straight to our subscribers doors and, alongside the pick of stonking beans, include a copy of Brew, our monthly coffee journal. We sometimes even include a delicious freebie we’ve found (and loved) on our travels. Can you picture yourself unboxing your beans and crafting the best coffee you’ve ever drunk at home? So can we …

Read more about Indy Coffee Box here.

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