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Scottish Indy Coffee Guide No4

The Scottish Independent Coffee Guide No4, your coffee adventure starts here

Bang up-to-date with Scotland’s latest coffee shop openings and hot new roasteries, this fourth edition of the award winning Independent Coffee Guide will inspire a year of caffeinated road trips and city excursions.

From Ullapool to Innerleithen, fresh venues and familiar favourites map the spread of the booming speciality coffee scene.

It’s been a year of new arrivals, exciting expansions and amplified eco awareness for Scotland’s booming speciality scene – an inspiring evolution to be part of (and cheer on from the sidelines).

In this fourth edition, you’ll find lots of fresh faces appearing alongside the country’s established coffee shops and roasteries. From Fort William to Dumfries, new venues map the continued outwards spread of quality coffee from the speciality hubs of Edinburgh and Glasgow – as well as the growth of cafe culture within them.

Sustainability is high on the agenda and, since David Attenborough shone the spotlight on the uncomfortable truth about plastics, increasing numbers of consumers have ditched single-use. We find out how some of Scotland’s eco champs are changing the game on page 22.
Coffee’s fifth wave has also seen the arrival of a host of sister outposts this year: boutique chains offering further resistance to the multinational coffee shops.

Whether you’re after new experiences or revel in familiarity, you’ll find this year’s guide bang up-to-date and crammed with lip-smackingly good finds.

What a time to be exploring coffee …

Kathryn Lewis


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