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The North & North Wales Indy Coffee Guide No3

The first Northern guide launched two years ago and this third edition, which has been updated to include coffee shops in North Wales and more entries than ever.

Strict criteria for entry – coffee expertise and the use of the highest quality UK roasted beans – means only establishments selling top-notch coffee in the North have made it into the guide, as well as independent roasteries.

The guide is every coffee connoisseur’s passport to the world of speciality coffee. Reviews of cool hangouts, complete with a map of where to find them, will delight those in search of a seriously good caffeine hit. While those passionate about the bean can discover the region’s newest finds by following one of the Tours de Speciality.

As well as coffee shop and roastery reviews, the guide throws the spotlight on speciality’s northern trailblazers, the original pioneers of superb coffee in the region. There’s also a handy guide to make a stonking brew at home.


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