Tour de speciality: Ireland

Take a break from Dublin’s pub crawls, Belfast’s history trips and surf tours of the coast. It’s time to discover Ireland’s thriving speciality scene with a caffeinated voyage around the Emerald Isle

Feature from the Ireland Independent Coffee Guide No 1 – buy your copy here.

Dublin tour

The route A mecca for coffee disciples around the world, join the caffeine congregation sampling Dublin’s speciality offering. Whether you’re sticking to the city centre, or venturing out to the suburbs, there are venues of varying size and nerdiness to satisfy all levels of coffee curiosity.

Packing essentials A pen to scribble down new finds in the notes section of your Indy Coffee Guide will avoid any head scratching later, plus a phone charger to keep your foodie followers snap happy. A bit of pocket money to pick up some new coffee kit along the way wouldn’t go amiss either.

Fuel the journey Brunch is a big deal in Dublin; get ready for poached eggs, smashed avo and cinnamon buns for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ease 10/10 We reckon the amount of speciality coffee sunk in the city rivals that of Guinness, so you’re not going to be short of stops. Pack your copy of the Indy Coffee Guide and navigate the city one silky flat white or lip-smacking filter at a time.

Northern tour

The route Hot on the heels of Dublin’s cafe culture, Belfast’s burgeoning speciality scene is worth a break across the border.

Packing essentials Channel your inner eco warrior and pack a KeepCup. A canvas shopper to carry your haul of beans picked up en route is another handy addition.

Fuel the journey Sugar-free followers beware; carby treats are a diet staple when coffee shop hopping across this sweet city. Start the day with a stack of mascarpone-topped brioche french toast at The Pocket before pairing a next level caramel square with a mean filter from Bailies at District. And no tour would be complete without a slice stop at Established Coffee – its pie of the day has quite the cult following.

Ease 8/10 Stick to the city and you’ll do just fine with a coffee map and a keen nose for good caffeine. If you want to explore some of the beauties outside of Belfast – take Haptik in Newtownards and Hollys Coffee Co. in Ballynahinch for instance – a friend with a car will come in handy.

Road trip

The route Starting from Dublin, cruise down the M7 – stopping off at Joe’s at Kildare Village – to the M8. Make a detour to Blackfriars and Portico in Waterford City if you fancy a trip to the coast, or carry on to Cork where you’ll find Dukes, Three Fools, Warren Allen and Filter among other speciality spots. From here you can skim around the coast to Bean in Dingle or make waves to Galway and give the guys at Coffeewerk + Press a visit.

Packing essentials An AeroPress and portable grinder will be your saviour when it comes to motorway services – just make sure to stock up on quality beans at your first stop.

Fuel the journey Homemade seasonal soups and doorstopper slices of cake acquired at the cafes should keep you going between each stop. If you’re packing a big appetite, stock up on artisan goodies such as chocolate and sourdough too.

Ease 5/10 This one will take a bit of forward planning but discovering one-of-a-kind coffee shops in some of the country’s most amazing locations will be worth any heated back-seatdriver discussions.


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