Beyond the beans

Illustration of Powers Whisky

With rents skyrocketing and rates heading the same way, coffee shop owners are finding creative ways to utilise their cafe space after hours

Pro guide to home brewing

Hannah Davies | Independent Coffee Guide

Hankering after a perfect barista-style coffee at home? Cofficionado Hannah Davies of Cup North spills the beans on how to crack home brewing

Milk of human kindness

Stephensons Dairy | Independent Coffee Guide

You know exactly where your coffee came from, and you’re satisfied that a fair price was tendered for those locally roasted beans. So why ignore the milk?

Taking the Q

Taking the Q | Independent Coffee Guide

The term “Q grader” is bandied about in the world of speciality coffee, but what does it mean?

Bean scene

Coffee Jam | Independent Coffee Guide

From espresso fuelled basement gigs to latte art smackdowns in the back room, Scotland’s thriving underground speciality scene is gaining serious momentum

From latte to landfill

We asked eco-campaigner Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall if the indies can help reduce the number of coffee cups ending up in landfill

Coffee on tap

Coffee on tap

The brewing trend that’s making waves across the pond, nitro’s turned up at a select handful of British festivals, bars and cafes this year